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We are looking for outstanding individuals to join our team. Here are the roles now:



Wealth Managers


We are looking for seasoned entrepreneurial private bankers or wealth managers who have a loyal clientele and are ambitious to develop a long term business with an strong element of ownership. We like to attract those who in their current environment are not developing to their full potential or lose control of their independence and business having to deal with unreasonable targets, corporate politics and not very favourable conditions and prospects.


Key elements of our financial package:

  • Long Term High pay out

  • Straight forward expense budget

  • Retirement plan

  • Capital introduction arrangements (corporate finance)

  • “Inheritance” plan



Other Considerations

  • Engaging intimate corporate culture

  • Independence

  • Entrepreneurial

  • Long Term

  • Freedom

  • Professional

  • Creative

  • Self discipline and responsibility


Please send detailed resume to


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