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Using our in-house holistic 10F's approach, we help our clients assess their current profile, identify their needs and objectives and recommend specific investment programs that will help achieve their goals in life.


Under the discretionary investment solutions, client choose their custodian of choice, but we have full discretion to execute the investment program chosen by the client. 

We offer standard or customized investment programs with different risk profiles that suits the clients' needs.

  • Conservative risk profile (Wealth preservation)

  • Moderate risk profile (Wealth accumulation)

  • Opportunistic risk profile (Wealth growth)

  • Tailor made investment solutions (Customized)


Please see our Global Balance Strategy and Asian Strategy below.



















Global Balance Strategy

The Swaen Fund is an actively managed mandate that provides exposure to traditional asset classes like equities, fixed income & commodities as well as alternatives investments. The Fund adopts an approach of combining both managed investments and direct securities. This allows investors to have a diversified exposure to global investments yet capitalizing on market trends and themes through opportunistic exposure to direct securities. The unconstrained geographical mandate means the Fund is able to actively shift from both fixed income and equity exposure in any geographical location.



Asian Strategy

Swaen Asian Strategy is an actively managed portfolio that provides exposure to Asian markets. The strategy aims to track GDP growth in the region while having lower volatility compared to the equity index. The strategy decreases the volatility of the portfolio by adopting a balanced approach, which is constructed by combining stocks with different driving factors. This allows investors to gain exposure to Asian investments yet enjoy a lower downside risk than that of the often-volatile Asian markets. The strategy is not benchmark driven hence giving the strategy flexibility to identify and implement the most optimal investment strategies.



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