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Johny Tanujaya

Senior Investment Manager

Johny has an extensive experience in fixed income, currency, and financial derivatives during his 20 years as a fixed income professional in Hong Kong and Singapore.  He has done credit analysis, debt capital markets, fixed income portfolio management, credit due diligence and legal structuring, fixed income sales and trading, syndication, and he has held positions at Natixis, Standard Bank, Mizuho, Peregrine and Industrial Bank of Japan on the area of fixed income, currency, financial derivatives and industrial credit analysis.  His wide comprehensive knowledge in the fixed income spectrum include financials, sovereigns, quasi-sovereigns, and corporates

from investment grade quality, high yield bonds as well as restructured and special situations distressed credits, and instruments ranging from interest rate Futures, FX currency forward, inverse floating rate notes and credit default swaps. 

Johny graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles with Bachelor of Arts (Cum Laude) in Business Economics, and from Macquarie University with Master of Applied Finance degree.

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