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Partners & Providers

We have established relationships with the following partners:


1. Strategic Alliances

  • Finles Capital Management (Hedge Fund Research)

    • Finles Capital Management (FCM) is an independent asset manager providing innovative investment solutions to professional and institutional investors. FCM is the leading hedge fund selection house in the Netherlands and delivers tailor made solutions like in-house funds, mandates, research, due diligence and monitoring services to clients. FCM core business is to help clients invest in hedge funds. The overarching idea behind all FCM investment solutions is the preservation of investors' capital, in combination with excellent risk adjusted returns - which is achieved through investing in alternative strategies, such as hedge funds, which has the ability to provide absolute and uncorrelated returns to traditional asset classes.

    • Through our alliance with Finles Capital Management, we have access to the best breed of hedge fund managers and strategies through their long term relationship with the underlying managers and have access to their strong investment and operational due diligence capabilities.


  • Pershing LLC (Clearing Services and Custodianship)

    • Pershing LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BNYMC). Pershing LLC has been a leading global provider of financial business solutions for 70 years, and serves many of the world's most respected financial organizations, remaining focused on the safekeeping, servicing, segregation and reporting of assets held in their custody. Pershing's parent company, BNYMC is one of the world's strongest global financial institutions holding USD 27.9 trillion in assets under custody or administration. BNYMC remains highly liquid, as it is funded primarily by deposits from institutional business. BNYMC is well capitalized (shareholders equity USD 36.2 billion) and their capital ratios exceed those required by regulators. Pershing is required to comply with various rules intended to minimize the chance of financial failure and maximize the protection of its customers' clients' assets. Pershing is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). As a result, securities in client accounts are protected up to $500,000 (including a maximum of $250,000 for claims for uninvested cash awaiting reinvestment). In addition to SIPC protection, Pershing provides coverage in excess of SIPC limits from certain underwriters at Lloyd's in conjunction with another commercial insurance company.

    • Pershing is our preferred custodian and offers a superior platform to wealth managers by offering a strong and flexible technological platform, comprehensive investment solutions and strong operational support. Swaen Capital is among one of the few independent wealth managers in Asia who work with Pershing and have access to their platform.


  • TC Capital (Investment Banking / Corporate Finance)

    • TC Capital is a leading, independent Asian corporate finance and M&A advisory firm that applies and adapts the best practices from the world's leading investment banking institutions and management consultants to create customized solutions and first-class executions for its clients. TC Capital specialises in mergers & acquisitions and private capital transactions for medium-capitalization, family owned and growth companies in Asia. Dr. Tommy Tan and Mr. Ravi Chidambaram, who have worked at global institutions and who are among the most experienced investment bankers in the Asia-Pacific region, founded TC capital in 2002.

    • Through our alliance with TC Capital, we are able to offer our ultra HNW clients, business owners and family offices access to deal flows and corporate finance capabilities to help our clients achieve their investment objectives, expand or monetise their businesses.


  • Trans Asia Capital

    • Trans Asia Capital (TA) is an independent asset management firm,  HK SFC Licensed specializing in Asian private capital investments within the Alternatives asset class.

    • Principals Eddie Wong was former CEO of Winnington Capital and ex Chairman of HypoVereinsBank Asia while Jiffriy Chandra was former Managing Partner at Income Partners.

    • Given the principals’ background in debt capital markets, TA is able to straddle across the capital structure from secured loans to mezzanine debt to hybrids to pure private equity financing.

    • The firm’s utilizes an unique debt-oriented, merchant banking approach generally know as special situations strategy in accessing and unlocking growth equity value at a discount to intrinsic.

    • The firm’s core strategy centers on providing value added private capital to Middle Market Enterprises within the Asia Pacific region. Key markets include Greater China and South East Asia.

    • TA focuses on 10 to 30MM mid-stage exclusive opportunities targeting exits within 3 to 4 years. The team has specific experience in sectors spanning Consumer, Real Estate and Resources.


  • CorPa Asia Advisory Pte. Ltd

    • CorPa Asia provides business services for regional customers who want access to the entire international fiduciary services of CorPa-Group.

    • CorPa is focussed on company formation, business consultancy, financial and tax advice and other important tasks such as holding and trading functions. For example, our office in Singapore supports a growing number of fund managers in moving to Asia due to the high demand for professionally managed regional funds and in search for attractive investment opportunities.

    • All Companies are taxed at a standard rate of 17 %, which is applicable to domestic income and earnings transferred to Singapore from abroad. Income earned by local companies outside Singapore, which is kept abroad, is tax-free. There is no withholding tax on dividends and no tax on capital gains. Companies have access to numerous double taxation agreements Singapore signed with third countries including the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria.



2. Service Providers


  • Deutsche bank (External Asset Manager)

  • Bank of Singapore (External Asset Manager) 

  • Pershing LLC (Custodian)

  • Padang Trust (Trust Services)



3. Asset Managers



4. Alternative Managers

  • Blackoak Investors LP

  • Marshall Bridging Fund

  • Nordea Investment Funds S.A.

  • Prudent Cayman Investment Funds SPC

  • TransAsia Private Capital Limited


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