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Swaen Philosophy

Wealth Management


In today's world we see a growing anxiety of protecting and growing wealth, with a recessional environment and high inflation. Many financial institutions including large private banks have been challenged to fulfill clients' expectations, also because they face high overhead costs and restrictions such as selecting proprietary products and trading oriented strategies.


Swaen Capital is committed to change the perception and implementation of true wealth management, in building a system in which the interest of the client comes first. It starts with understanding the clients' current environment and needs, followed by building a systematic wealth management plan for life with an ongoing monitoring process. Most clients fit similar profiles of risk categorized in conservative, moderate and opportunistic. Combined with a holistic approach embedded in the process of wealth management, it is possible for anyone to vastly improve his or her financial stability and achieve financial freedom as the first key target. Subsequently it is important to create disciplines to maintain that for the rest of your life and keeping it for the next generation(s).



Holistic 10F's approach

Build a life plan around the in-house developed holistic 10F's approach















Capital preservation is key.

Minimize drawdown and compound return over time to achieve long term investment goals.




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