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Swaen Capital Profile

Swaen Capital is a Singapore based licensed (CMS registration number 100212-2) independent fund manager with an open architecture, a non bias financial platform creating access to the best custodians and investment managers in the universe of finance putting the clients interest first.

We like to define personal goals and objectives, a key element is to understand what it means to become “Financially Independent” and once achieved how to protect your wealth and chosen lifestyle. This is a different approach than most advisors, we incorporate a holistic and unique module (10 F’s). We are committed to design the best and optimal solution in an intimate and engaging relationship which starts with understanding and identifying the current situation of the client in great depth and to develop and create a long term comprehensive optimal life plan strategy.

Our clients only consist of accredited investors.


Our strength lies in the experience of the management team who have worked together for most of the last 20 years (collectively more than 100 years of experience) at various organizations. Our focus lies within the wealth management business, covering client relationships, financial planning, advisory as well as discretionary portfolio management. Our know-how, extensive global network and long standing presence in Asia allows us to provide a global footprint and at the same time enables us to capitalize on regional opportunities.
We have engaged world class custodians for our clients' assets such as Credit Suisse, Bank Julius Baer, Deutsche Bank, DBS
 and Pershing LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation for clearing and custodianship on a fully disclosed basis.

On our investment platform we have both global fund managers such as Blackrock, Templeton, PIMCO, MFS, Aquila Capital etc. as well as strong regional fund managers who allow us to anticipate and capitalize on regional opportunities.



What does the name "Swaen" mean? 


Swaen Capital has been founded by Cliff Go, his birth name is officially Go Swan Liong. 


His middle  name is “Swan” equivalent to the English word for the elegant white bird.


He is a Dutch National and in the old, traditional  Dutch writing style, you write the word Swan as “Swaen” (new spelling would be “zwaan”).


In this depiction of the name, the AE is presented as a diphthong, creating as a graphic suggestion of a swan, adding a visual link to the name itself. Diphtongs are referred as “gliding vowels”, providing another connection to the smooth and apparently effortless movement of a swan, belying the immense amount of work going on under the water surface.  The white bird is known to be majestic, elegant, reliable and loyal to his partner for life.


The use of the diphthong does not end there though. Through its form, which links two letter that normally stand alone, it also represents the mutually beneficial bond that lies at the heart of Swaen’s relationship with its clients.


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